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Patricia Getha captures the beauty of the natural world in her art and photography. Whether it be a landscape or a living creature, her subjects are often intimate portraits of nature, wildlife and domestic animals that have influenced and captivated her since early childhood. As a child and teenager, she could frequently be found wondering the woodlands near her home on foot or horseback, usually with her faithful canine companion at her heels. Other times she would be in the creek catching snakes, fish and other aquatic life forms, often bringing them home to show to her father who was instrumental in instilling an appreciation for all God's creatures. Birds were always a part of that love.​

As a professional artist painting primarily animal life in oil, acrylic or graphite, her photography has been an invaluable resource and has become an art form in itself. Recently she has applied her skills to drawing & painting on the Apple iPad, again, from her own photographs. Birds have been her primary focus with this new medium.


The ability to easily change elements within each painting has a certain appeal and allows for potential growth into different markets that are outside of the typical fine art market. Life is a journey. Savor every moment.

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